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21st August, 2021

Exhibition By Ajadudraws

Sommersnow met with God's time Ajadu, a full-time visual artist and he discussed some of his works and some other things with us...

24th June, 2021

POETRY: Perfect Mirror

If night were a person, He would be my best friend. His personality accurately reflects mine, The beautiful...

8th June, 2021


I love to sit and enjoy nature Thinking about the beauty and vastness is a peaceful adventure As I stare at the sunset siting...

8th June, 2021

Exhibition By Toluwalope

Art is arguably one of the most glamorous things about life. Art comes in different forms and each of them have a way of resonating with our minds. Art springs up...

2nd June, 2021

POETRY: Tales By The Moon

The moon laughed,
The light in his eyes danced.
I wiped a tear as I laughed along
If you listen you'll hear the song.
The song of our laughter as we...

17th May, 2021

POETRY: Poco A Poco

Poco a Poco, I painlessly shed the skin of my grief and anguish.
Moisturised daily by desolation and melancholia.

Poco a Poco, I escape from the prison...

6th May, 2021

Exhibition By Rockets

In a quick interview with Rockets, it was a gainful experience as sommersnow was able to learn more about him. Rockets is a self taught contemporary...

29th March, 2021

Exhibition By Nichlorine

Sommersnow recently met with Nichlorine, a commercial 2D digital Artist and animator, who was gracious enough to show some of his works....

21st March, 2021

POETRY: Will You Be My Person

I want to evolve as a person while staying true to myself. The inertia of my life ebbs life from me. I need someone to show me the path, though...

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