Art is arguably one of the most glamorous things about life. Art comes in different forms and each of them have a way of resonating with our minds. Art springs up emotions, connects us to the ethereal world and many more. Art is also the reason why many of us still breathe, you can ask around.

Sommersnow this past week met with Toluwalope, a realistic pencil artist and painter who takes out time to produce drawings and paintings that would amaze you. She is an art prodigy who has horned and sharpened her skills overtime and is just a few more years from becoming an household name.

In this exhibition, she shares with us some interesting things about her art, the works she connects with and many more. Enjoy the full exhibition below.

What does art mean to you?

"Art is expression basically. A representation of your ideas, thoughts, emotions and creativity."

The Lonely Girl

Which of your works do you connect to the most?

"The piece I named “The Lonely girl”."

Tell us about "The Lonely Girl".

"Oh well I saw the photograph of the little girl and I knew right away I would love to make a portrait of her. What struck me the most were her eyes. She seemed like she had a lot of stories to tell. As I began to draw her, I became so emotional and I almost blacked out. I still get goosebumps looking at the original piece. I just really feel so connected to the girl."

What artist dead or alive would you like to meet?

"Hmmm. I would love to meet Jono Dry I really really love his works and his personality. He’s like a god, his mother is an artist too. He really inspires me."

Does your 2019 painting depict the end of the world?

"No it doesn’t. It was just the painting of sunset in a riverine area.

How did you discover yourself? How did you know you could draw?

"I have always known I could draw Was really good with all those secondary biology drawings and all but it was in 2019 I was like let me even improve and try to make my drawings more realistic."

As a creative, how do you improve yourself?

"I just try to practice more, get more art supplies and practice with them. I also watch YouTube videos. Oh yeah practice and consistency is the key and also being in the right head space, that matters a lot. I also look at the works of artists that inspire me."

What is one art related thing that you own that you can never trade?

"My charcoal pastels lol. One got lost and I get sad thinking about it."

Finally, how can you be contacted by anyone who wants to work with you?

"You can send me an email here Or send me a dm on Instagram here."

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