4 Nigerian artists changing the face of digital art in Nigeria

The advent of technology has changed the standards of various elements. Art is one important segment.

Many Digital artists have pushed forward a movement of expressing emotions and life experiences through their art. Nigeria is not left behind as many Nigerian Digital artists have produced brilliant art that speaks to their souls - Art capable of transcending time. This revolutionary change in art appreciation should be talked about.

Here are four steadfast Nigerian Artists breaking boundaries in the world of digital art.

1. Nichlorine_ (Fabowale Mayowa)

He is a Computer Scientist based in Ibadan, Oyo State. His art journey began in 2018 following several art scrabblings in his high school days. A video game enthusiast, he has considered building his passion for art and animation. "Super Strikers" Domics, as well as YouTubers- Domics and Swoozie, were huge sources of inspiration. The #wearenigeriacreatives movement propelled by Olaloye Bolaji (artnerdx) and his brother had a great impact on his growth.

He considers his work special as digital art is an avenue to "bring people into his world". This is well reflected in his portfolio over the years. He considers aesthetics a huge drive and sees art as a journey to storytelling.

Influenced by music and movies, his art speaks to a futuristic Nigeria. It is largely inspired by Sci-fiction and melodious tunes. Considering future escapades, he intends to venture into watercolor painting. This desire emanates from his connection with nature and its raw substance.

2. Chisalinto (Chisa Linto Okpola)

"Digital Art is an art form infused with digital media and technology. It is void of art's traditional inputs"

Chisa started her journey to digital art in 2018 following her dexterity in traditional visual art paintings. Her interest grew and she hasn't looked back ever since.

Being integrated into various digital art forms, she is largely inspired by fashion and style. Many of her works depict this inspiration. She also grew immeasurable love for portraiture as she discovered it to be her forte.

Her style of art is multidimensional. Her portraits speak volumes. They reveal many themes in one stare. Her digital artworks are also infused with a sprinkle of African heritage. Several African artifacts, colors, and shapes depict Africa with all its beauty and glamour.

"Every culture in Africa is vibrant. My work follows this pattern- depicting colorful art pieces to leave you with an experience."

Concerning her future expectations for Digital Art, she envisages a Nigeria with impressive platforms deploying better work culture for Digital Artists to thrive.

Chisa harmonizes her love for art with life experiences. She resides in Abuja and currently works for replaynga as Content lead

3. Perceusnoir (Bryan Lawrence)

"Digital Art is a wonder. A way to connect with fellow artists - A way to be seen"

He started digital art in 2019. Before this, he had gathered great interest in 2D and 3D animation. "Gingered" by the accolades of his friends, he turned what was seemingly an interesting hobby into a means to make bread.

"As an Artist in Nigeria, you deal with navigating the usage of limited amenities (such as electricity) to produce quality work," he says.

His power tool remains his mind and various experiences. Being able to create life from his thoughts gives him goosebumps and spurs him to create quality work. He is also largely influenced by the works of others - traditional and digital. This often drives his creativity.

Micheal Angelo and Stuzir are among his models. He currently earns through selling his craft.

4. Deu.designs (Daniella Ebelechuukwu Usiade)

Digital Art is a medium of self-expression.

"At the moment, Digital Art keeps me sane and grounded"

For her, it is a means to give life to her thoughts. Officially, Digital Art began with Graphics Design in 2017 for her. After a long wait period, she purchased a graphics tablet which has been instrumental to her growth.

For her, there is a constant struggle to find her style. Also, there is the inevitable comparison of your art to that of others. There is the vicious battle of imposter syndrome. She navigates her way through these challenges as she believes her art to be therapeutic to her and her audience.

Her work is largely influenced by music and fashion. Lots of music elements are incorporated into several of her works. She is also influenced by the arts and sports.

The Future of Digital Arts in Nigeria is welcoming. With the emergence of NFTs, artists are gradually embracing a new era - an era where technology is used to tell stories, lift hearts and pierce souls.

Watch out for these artists as they soar in their niche.

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