Essential Oils: All You Need to Know II

A significant position in traditional and folk medicine is held by essential oils worldwide. Many of the old assertions have been supported by contemporary medicine, including:

1. Stress Reduction

Essential oils may help reduce tension while you are receiving a massage, but this benefit may be temporary.

2. Sleep Aid

According to history, lavender oil's restful aroma improves sleep quality. To test the claim, scientists surveyed older people with dementia living at home. When they sprinkled the essential oil on their pillows, they noticed that it helped them fall asleep faster, which allowed them to sleep in longer.

3. Disease Prevention

Antioxidant qualities are common in many essential oils. Antioxidants assist to protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Cancer, a life-threatening illness, may result from this damage. The use of essential oils in food and their association with antioxidants and shelf life are both something researchers are interested in.

Other health benefits of essential oils are that it helps in:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Fighting inflammatory skin conditions

Health Risks

Essential oils originate from nature, but they are not risk-free. They are to be used as intended because misuse or improper storage may lead to severe unpleasant effects or even poisoning.

Some of the essential oil reported negative effects include:

1. Rash on the skin

It is very important to dilute essential oils so that they don't cause any adverse side effects. When essential oils are mixed with any kind of carrier liquid, their effectiveness is reduced. Since undiluted essential oils are very powerful, direct skin contact with certain oils may cause irritation and an adverse skin reaction that needs to be treated by a medical professional.

Maintaining proper digestive health is necessary. Safeguarding your digestive organs includes the prevention of the ingestion of essential oils. Because of this, a little quantity of tea tree oil ingested may result in severe adverse effects such as muscular spasms and even unconsciousness.

2. Hormonal Disorder

To a certain extent, the endocrine system may be affected by lavender oil application to the skin.

When purchasing these oils it is very critical that you choose the best. Buy oils that are:

  • 100% pure: Go for unadulterated oils, since those that include or have been artificially derived are the opposite of natural.
  • Sold in dark glass bottles: Putting these oils in light and plastic bottles may reduce their potency. To fully harness the benefits of the oils purchase oils that are stored in dark and opaque glass bottles.
  • Buy from reputable sources. A good manufacturer will include the botanical, or Latin, name of the plant. Adequate information of the kind of plant from which the product is made (for example, the leaf).


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