22nd March, 2022

Nigerian SLangs

The Nigerian Lingua franca is such a beautiful one that evolves exponentially and if you blink for a second, you might not understand the language being used in the Nigerian Streets.

5th August, 2021

Popular Nigerian Street Slangs II

Slangs are a very interesting way to spice up your communication especially in the Nigerian street. Slangs keep evolving and new ones are added frequently. Some slangs trend and some others do not and below are slangs that are popular in the Nigerian streets...

27th June, 2021

Popular Nigerian Street Slangs

The Nigerian Pidgin English is a very unique language, bulk of its Slangs include borrowed words from the diverse languages spoken in Nigeria. The Slangs originate...

13th June, 2021

What does feminism mean to me?

Personally, I don't see feminism as placards and raising hands like we are fighting against something, I prefer to look at it from the positive angle. Yes, as a feminist..

19th March, 2021

Eating etiquettes

When things are done as a group or in public, there are usually social guidelines proposed in order to make the experience a pleasurable one. Eating outdoors or...

6th March, 2021

Words to use more often

1. Agelast pronounced egglast
Meaning: Someone who never laughs (especially at jokes) opposite: hyperglast
How to use: She is an agelast, I've known her for almost a year and I hardly see her laugh...

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