Slangs are a very interesting way to spice up your communication especially in the Nigerian street. Slangs keep evolving and new ones are added frequently. Some slangs trend and some others do not and below are slangs that are popular in the Nigerian streets.

1. Aza (noun)

The word aza means safe. It is used to describe your bank account details. If someone tells you to send your aza, they probably want to send you some money.
Example: Bro, drop your aza make i drop something for you.

2. E Choke (adj)

This slang was popularised by Davido. When someone says E Choke, they are trying to say what they are describing is fantabulous or mind-blowing
Example: Omo, that party choke.

3. Mekwe (verb)

To mekwe means to have sex. There are many slangs for sex in the Nigerian streets but mekwe has been popularised with the help of Twitter.
Example: Na everyday Michael dey mekwe.

4. Ji Masun (verb)

Ji Masun originates from Yoruba and it translates to being awake but a befitting pidgin translation is don't dull. This slang was popularised by Idowest and Davido. It means you should always be ready and active so you wouldn't be caught off-guard.
Example: Ji Masun my guy, no sleeping on the bicycle.

5. Fall hand (verb)

To fall hand means to disappoint someone for not meeting up to standards or requirements. When someone says "You fall my hand" they are saying you didn't meet up to expectations or that you embarrassed them.
Example: I no sabi why this your guy sabi fall person hand.

6. Japa (verb)

Japa has been borrowed from the Yoruba language. Japa in Yoruba means to escape, run away or leave. The same meaning applies to it in the Nigerian streets. To Japa is to relocate to somewhere far away, usually abroad.
Example: Once i get money, i go japa comot from this country.

7. Bad belle (noun)

Bad belle is the pidgin word for haters. It has survived many decades in the Nigerian streets. It had been popular before hater was even added to the English dictionary. To be a Bad belle is simply to be a hater.
Example: All these bad belle peeps them no want make you progress

8. No lele

No lele is a slang that has also been for a long time. The synonyms are no stress, no problem, no qualms etc. It was popularised when Wizkid made a song with it in his superstar album.
Example: I know say you scam me but no lele sha.

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