The Nigerian Lingua franca is such a beautiful one that evolves exponentially and if you blink for a second, you might not understand the language being used in the Nigerian Streets. Slangs keep evolving and new ones are added frequently. Some slangs trend and some others do not and below are slangs that are popular in the Nigerian streets.

1. Trenches (noun)

Usually, trenches mean a ditch, dirt or gutter. When a Nigerian says he is in the trenches, he is saying that he is inherently broke or he is going through some hard time financially
Example:Michael said he doesn't think he is going to leave the trenches anytime soon.

2. Gbemidebe (verb)

Gbemidebe originates from Yoruba and it literally means to take someone there. This slang was popularised by Portable, Zazoo Crooner. When I say Gbemidebe, I mean you should lead me and I will follow.
Example: Na Shotunz gbemidebe. I would have not left the trenches if not for him.

3. Bolo (noun)

When this term is used, it is referred to somebody that is not street smart or can be easily persuaded or deceived.
Example: We only met this afternoon but she don already dey bill me. She think say I be bolo sha.

4. Trabaye

.This term refers to a form of high or a celestial feeling. This is usually an elevated or intoxicated feeling. This slang was popularised by portable in his hit song, Zazoo.

5. Cut soap for me

To cut soap for someone means to show them how you achieved something or to teach them the art. Nigerians say this when they are willing to follow your successful path.
Example: I tell this guy make he cut soap for me, he dey use me shalaye.

6. Shalaye (verb)

Shalaye is a Yoruba word that means to explain or describe. As slang, to shalaye means to give excuses or reasons for a particularly bad event. Most Nigerians find excuses infuriating hence they say "Guy no dey shalaye for me"
Example: Always resist the urge to shalaye.

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