Contemporary Fashion Culture Of Young Nigerians

This is how fast Fashion in Nigeria has evolved.

Ever considered why young Nigerians seem to be raging with similar Fashion outfits? Why Baggy clothes, boots and alternative hairstyles such as dreads are rampant these days?
Believe me, Contemporary Fashion has largely dominated the youth circling ages 18-35. Culture exists and this article proves it.

What does Contemporary mean? No worries! I dey for you.

The term ‘Contemporary’ is largely defined by certain characteristics such as modern twists, young age demographic and slight affordability (compared to high-end fashion items). So, while you want to look cool in Louis Vuitton or Channel, ‘Contemporary’ says ‘Here I am man! You could go for me and still look cool.’

Just like the essence of Fashion embodies self-expression, Contemporary Fashion in Nigeria has unarguably been a medium for youthful expression. The Familiar ‘Alte’ movement, Incorporation of Traditional outfits and Western influence are notable areas where this side of Fashion has evolved. The likes of Taofeek Abijako, Lisa Folawiyo, TheOrangenerd among others have changed the face of Fashion in Nigeria. Think of them as young revolutionaries.

To exemplify the Contemporary Fashion Culture of Nigerian youth, these three areas will be considered- Modern Twist, young demography base and Affordability. Follow through and learn

1. Modern Twist

Contemporary Fashion sure does look very dapper innit? From silk, leathery, sporty outfits to colourful trendy fitty dresses- The youth sure do know how to make a statement. Accessories aren’t out of the picture. Instagram brands like dripsider, roomxix and crux have been known to push the movement of alternative accessory styles that are aesthetically pleasing. Influencers, Content Creators and Artists have also pushed the narrative of embracing this Fashion style as a lifestyle.


2. Young Demography

It is no surprise that this is a factor considering the topic. Are contemporary fashion styles rocked by older people? Yes! However, it is often associated with persons aged 18-35. The likes of Vineolugu, Chichilz, theorangenerd, denolagrey among others rock Contemporary Fashion unapologetically.

We see these trends incorporated into our day-to-day random outfits. Sis, the baggy clothes, crop tops, crocs, piercings, vintage tops, ripped jeans, rings and tattoos are all part of the Contemporary Fashion Statements. Remember, it is expression. It is Art. It is a movement. It is a culture.

Nothing to see here. Just a proud Gen Z showing off her art.

3. Affordability

‘ah finesse…. If I broke na my business…’

Wait, Chill Emeka! Contemporary Fashion wouldn’t get you broke. The likes of Levi and Crux may be a bit pricey when compared to the average cost of clothes but you can find decently priced Contemporary wear almost anywhere. Perhaps your budget should be from 10,000 to 100,000 for a standard contemporary outfit. Cheap right?

Bearing this in mind, it is certain that this Fashion trend wouldn’t go extinct anytime soon. Rather than a complete change in the sense of Fashion, Contemporary Fashion just takes a different, more modern outlook.

For instance, heels are still in vogue. There is however incorporation of loafers, boots and other types of this footwear to meet the demands of young people.
You can be stylish or classy without breaking the bank.
For every type of person, there is a contemporary outfit for you. Embrace the culture!

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