The person that said poison is the woman's weapon to kill must have been blind lol, or maybe he/she didn't think of a wardrobe. Notwithstanding her body type, a well dressed lady spins the head of everyone around her, it increases her attractiveness by a great margin.

There a different outfits for different occasions and with a great wardrobe, you can slay in every function or ceremony; formal, semi-formal, casual dates, hangouts, name them all. The best part? You don't need to break the bank to build one.

When someone describes a lady as "crème de la crème", "speccable speculus" or "talénu(hot and spicy) babe", he/she probably saw the lady wearing one of the following outfits:

1. Shirt dress

A shirt dress instantly makes you look peng, especially the way it glides along your body, oh my word! It is perfect for a casual appearance; picnics, parties, random outings, fun gatherings and similar functions.

Apart from the ultra cool look, it is incredibly comfy too.

2. Flattering skirts

Is there a rule that says you should only slay in some selected outfits? I actually don't remember any. I'm always confused when some ladies say they don't really fancy skirts cause girl, why not?

Flattering skirts upgrade your style instantly and every step you take would be jaw dropping. You don't even have to second guess cause it's perfect for every body type. As there are varying designs and styles to pick from, they are great for any occasion; Formal, semi-formal or casual events.

3. Pants

Every lady can testify to how extraordinarily comfortable pants are. With varying designs and styles, you will definitely find one that suits your preferred look.

4. Shorts

Are you turning up this weekend and looking for something a really simple and cool stuff to wear? You should try shorts.

Shorts offer you an opportunity to flaunt your legs without taking a slack off your elegance.

5. Gowns

Gowns like every other clothing items have evolved overtime, however, they haven't lost an inch of their sophistication. The radiance of a lady wearing a properly styled gown is second to none; the fit, the design, every single detail will not go unnoticed.

A gown is a mind blowing dress that gives off different vibes; elegant, classy, spicy, sweet, angelic, you can name them all.

N.B: All outfits in the above pictures were made by H.O.T 99

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