Clothing assessories are very common and are always up in our faces wherever we go. You'd mostly find people geared up with some form of assessories and the sweet thing is that you cannot have too many of them.

Assessories are those extra toppings worn with our outfits that embellish our overall look. Assessories certainly make us look more appealing and like Jidenna rightly said, you could be mean when you look so clean(you'd most likely be forgiven).

While wearing no assessories at all makes you look a bit bland or just okay at best, wearing a bunch of assessories all at once would make you look too elaborate and most times it is considered unattractive.

At Sommersnow, we always got you covered. Here are some fashion assessories you should consider the next time you go shopping.

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are known to undoubtedly upgrade your looks from drool to cool. Apart from the fact that darker shades protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun(it gets too sunny these days), sunglasses are always a great fit. They come in all forms of colours, shapes and weight and all you have to do is find a frame that fits your face.

2. Bandanas/Headbands

Bandanas are gender neutral and usually come very handy. They add an extra flavour to your outfit if properly styled. Bandanas can be tied in different ways, around the forehead, around the neck, over the head, over the nose, on the wrists and so on. They could also be used as handkerchiefs. For males, Bandanas should only be worn on a casual outfit as it is awful when worn with formal clothes.

An head band is a clothing item that helps keep your hair in place throughout the day. They are usually worn on the head or around your forehead. For males, headbands are popularly worn by basketball and tennis players to prevent sweat from dripping into their eyes or face. For females, headbands come in different variants and there are a collection that you can pick from.

3. Shawls/Scarfs/Sashes

Shawls are usually worn by women around their body. Shawls are much larger than scarfs.

Scarfs/Sashes are smaller and are worn around the neck, forehead or neck. Scarfs unlike shawls are gender neutral and both scarfs and shawls are usually worn to keep the body warm, especially when it is cold. Scarfs, Shawls and Sashes are available in different variants and the look you want to achieve depends on how you wear or style them.

4. Hand Fans

In some parts of the world, like Asia and other parts of Europe, Hand Fans as a fashion item were mostly used by people of high social class. With the evolution of fashion however, it is not uncommon to see people carry fancy Hand fans anymore.

Hand Fans are still considered classy and they come really handy whenever you have to keep your face dry especially with the rising temperatures in this part of the globe. Hand Fans that are designed to be foldable and spread like wings are considered the fanciest and sommersnow absolutely recommends.

5. Wristwatches/Bracelets/Bangles

There are quite a number of people that don't like their wrists naked so they throw in some assessories around their wrist.

Wristwatches for males are usually a must have(can't lie to you). They are usually worn on the less dominant hand which is popularly the left hand. Male wristwatches usually have a bigger face compared to female watches.

Bracelets/Bangles are so aesthetically pleasing. Like most fashion items, they have also evolved overtime and come in different variants as well. Leather, metals or beaded, Bracelet/bangles are perfect for adorning your wrists.

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