There are different types of heels worn by women. These shoes are worn with different outfits and on different occasions. Some of the most popular heels are listed below:

1. Stiletto

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Stiletto heels are classic high heels. Stiletto heels usually have a pointy, thin heel and vary in height from one to ten inches.

2. Block heels

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Block heels are thick, square, or cylindrical heels with a square or cylindrical appearance. Block heels are not only fashionable, but they also distribute the body's weight differently than thinner heels. As a result, they relieve some of the pressure on the front of your foot, resulting in a more relaxed standing position.

3. Slingback

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Slingbacks have a thin strap that wraps around the heel to help keep the foot in place. For an elongated, straightforward look, slingback heels leave the bridge of your foot bare. Slingbacks with a closed toe are a must-have for the workplace.

4. Mules

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Mules are a form of slip-on shoe that comes in a variety of materials, such as suede or canvas and a variety of heights. This backless heel is best worn with summer dresses, midi skirts, and day-to-night ensembles. Mules are for you if you prefer to ease into and out of your shoes quickly. The 90s trend has recently made a huge comeback, and velvety textiles like suede look particularly great in it.

5. Peep Toe

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A peep-toe heel has a gap in the front of the shoe that allows a little exposure to your toes while retaining your elegant look. Peep toes go with everything from skinny jeans to evening gowns and are extremely flexible.

6. Cuban

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A low heel with a curved back and a straight front is known as a Cuban heel. Cowboy boots, brogues, loafers, and Oxford shoes all have this heel. The Cuban heel is following in the footsteps of the boys. They are usually used on ankle boots, loafers, and other closed shoes and are typically short to medium in height. Although the heel appears to be very strong, it may have a slight taper from top to bottom.

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