It is an undeniable fact that your appearance when you are going out is very important. Usually, it is a confidence boost that increases your chances of getting things nailed. Think about it, isn't it true that you are more likely to interact with a person that is impeccably dressed?

In your public appearances, elegance is key. Your outfit isn't something that should be out of place, i mean, you don't want to be caught looking sloppy or graceless. People may forget what you said but they are unlikely to forget how you look, the impression stays longer.

Well, Don't look far away, Sommersnow has got you covered. Here are 4 classy outfits that give you a dashing sophisticated look:

1. A well-fitted suit

This is one of the most important clothing items you should have as a man. There will always be a certain occasion where you need to put on a suit. It could be your graduation, induction, wedding, work, formal events or many other ceremonies. A well-tailored suit that fits like a glove will give you a classy and elegant look...

2. A kaftan

A kaftan is one of the most refined outfits worn today. It is very simple in design and style and it also gives you an ultracool exclusive look. Is there an owanbe you are looking forward to? Or is it a semi-formal gathering? A kaftan is an easy go-to for a stylish and posh appearance.

3. A well-fitted shirt

A shirt is a universal top. It goes with almost any kind of bottom be it jeans, chinos, pants etc, it works almost all the time. Are you going on a date, Hangout, Picnic, party etc and you need a cool, mature casual appearance? A well-fitted shirt is your easy go-to. It will give you the cool and dapper look that makes you stylish.

4. Agbada

Last but not least on this list is an Agbada. An Agbada is the outfit you wear when you want to make a statement. It is sometimes said that better overdressed than underdressed. Rocking an Agbada is like carrying a machine gun to a fist fight; you're going to bully and murder everybody. Agbada is arguably one of the most stylish outfits a man can wear in this part of the world. Apart from it looking majestic, it adorns you gracefully so please take it easy on your targets.

N.B: All outfits in the above pictures were made by Mideclothiers

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