Do's & Dont's Of summer Fashion

Summer is gradually coming before us and there's no better fit for this conversation than Sommersnow. With the emergence of Summer comes lots of styles. Who says you can't be fashionable in Summer?
These are some Dos and Don'ts of Summer Fashion with a sprinkle of the Nigerian vibe to it.


1. Wear loose fabric

Summer is steaming hot. You should try out loose pants, skirts or gowns. The reason for this is to prevent the trapping of heat and to stay comfortable. Try out a pair of Ankara coloured pants with tops that accentuate your figure. You can also opt for cotton textures fabrics. These are kinder on the skin and perfect for hot temperatures.

2. Wear brightly coloured fabrics

Darker colours are more likely to trap heat than bright coloured outfits. This is why people often avoid black wear in the summer and go for colours such as white, yellow, pink. Stripped skirts are also cool. You should own one.

3. Consider wearing sunglasses

A must-have this summer period is a pair of sunglasses. They are fashionable, but they also prevent you from the sun's rays and essentially improve eye functions outdoors. You can rock sunglasses with a pair of Ankara printed pants or a kimono.

4. Keep the boots at home

You want to feel as comfortable as possible. Those high-heeled boots have got to rest for a while because they aren't appropriate for an event.

5. Sunscreen is always a friend

Fashion isn't just about clothes. It's about making a statement. Sunscreen is a perfect addition to your daily regimen and should always be considered. Before stepping out, apply sunscreen to obvious sun penetrating areas.

6. Denim is a good super combo

Whether it is a Friday or a Sunday, you can pair of shirts with a nice-looking denim jacket or insist on wearing denim trousers with an amazing fit.

7. Invest in a Kaftan

Kaftans are far from being out of style. They are lightweight and can come in various colourful ways. They are suitable for hangouts at the beach or a night out in the evening.


1. DON'T wear tight outfits

Avoid turtle neck sweaters and sweatshirts. Also, avoid tightly fitted trousers and pants as they may make you uncomfortable and sweaty. Flowy gowns and tops are the best

2. DON'T over assesorize

Keeping it simple isn't bad. It is arguable the much-needed vibe this Summer. Avoid multiple pieces of jewellery and go for easy prints with simple, bright colours.

3. DON'T wear dark colours

It's always advisable to skip dark-coloured shirts and pants. Deep/Dark colours are more likely to trap heat.

4. DON'T forget your hats

Wearing hats is not only stylish but prevents direct penetration of the sun on your skin. Next time you're stepping out, add a hat to the outfit.

The summer season comes with rays of sunshine. You can add style, glamour and class to it with these few tips on improving Summer Fashion.

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