Trends come and go but there are some outfits that do not go out of fashion. Owning dresses that could be restyled gives you that advantage.

When it comes to fashion, the difference between interesting and boring boils down to styling. Remember how rolled-up sleeves and jeans became a thing? What makes you stand out is often how you style your dress.

Deriavic-Couture offers you outfits that could be worn and styled in many distinct ways, check them out below:

1. Ara

Three piece dress: A long penciled gown, detachable flare and detachable gathers. The penciled dress can be worn without the flare and gathers while the flare and gathers can be placed in various positions around the penciled gown.

2. Dress Nella

Dress Nella is a versatile dress. It can be styled to suit any formal or semi-formal occasion.

3. Off-Shoulder Dress

Off shoulder dress with bow sleeves and overlap skirt. The dress could also be worn as a tube dress. It suits any semi-formal function.

4. A Two-Piece Dress

The top can be worn on a Jean or any nice trousers and the ropes can be restyled. The skirt can be worn on any suitable top.

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