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19th September, 2021

Love Language (Short Story)

Hi, my name is Janice and this is my story.

Growing up I have always been shy around guys, my mom always cautioned me not to bring a guy home, so that has always been instilled in me, but now I'm a teenager, I'm starting to have those feelings teenage boys and girls feel for one another, but I managed to contain it all through my teenage years, I had love letters sent to me in school during those times, I burnt them all because to me they were all nonsense.

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18th September, 2021

If you are listening to this, it's too late

It was raining when they came. With ships the size of a football field. Like nothing, we had ever seen before. All the sci-fi movies couldn't prepare us for real-life aliens. The Alcyons.

They looked just like us, walked on two feet just like us, talked just like us but they were nothing like us. For one, they didn't die like us.

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21st August, 2021


My name is Esther. I am what you would call one of the liabilities of the moral decadent society. I was born in Ajegunle, at the far end of the world. Here, dreams never come true, or we never dream. We allow our lives to be lived by the shape of the earth; the tilt of the world inclines us to the part of the world we never saw coming. But then, we don’t see anything coming.

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19th August, 2021


I check my dictionary for the meaning of the word. Poems are the most embarrassing form of art, but they’re my thing. I write poems to write my thoughts at someone, anyone, not my parents though. I’d die if they saw my poems.

1st June, 2021

Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story, a love story that doesn't end in death and tragedy." A little girl said to her mother.

Her mother smiled. Her smile reaching up to the scar on her left cheek. She cleared her throat.

Once upon a time, and long long ago.

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4th June, 2021

The Loner's Diary


I sat and thought of ways I could be different, ways I could be original.


Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding! - Bane

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14th May, 2021

Humpty Dumpty

Take that!!
"Pop pop pop"
And that!!

The eggs hit her with the force of bullets from a machine gun. Kids are vicious animals, But she has thick skin and she is used to this. Sticks and stones may break her bones but eggs can't hurt her. What hurt her was that perfectly good eggs are wasted. The foodie in her cries to the heavens for retribution. She just smiles and walks it off.

She was a young girl,

2nd May, 2021

Subomi The Bank Manager

It was a Thursday evening, Subomi was just rounding up his bench press reps at a gym not so far from his apartment in Barika. 7,8,9...... Ughhhh 10! He exclaimed as he placed the heavy metals back at their positions. "Guyyyy, Omo this iron no be sere sere oo" he said to Michael. "Broo, you no see say me sef just dey hang for here? But na iron sha, man gats chop am. No be so?" Michael responded. "Mike, I don comot oo." Subomi said as he stepped out of the gym.

14th may, 2021

A Girl Is A Gun

Her father is a minister. Her mother is a deaconess. She was a cute and appealing child. For as long as she can remember,

She felt no sense of where to belong. She couldn't understand it. She has a constant picture of herself in braided hair and innocent smiles. This isn't her. She hates it.